Old Things: Steve West and Andrew Atkin


Steve West
Andrew Atkin
October 1 - November 26,

Watch Caldwell County TV's interview with Steve West and Andrew Atkin here


After 60 years of living and working in Florida, I moved to Lenoir to enjoy the change of seasons and the mountains, with my wife, Donna.  We share our home with two dogs and four cats.

I earned my BA (1970) and MA (1973) Degrees in Art Education, along with Certification in Educational Leadership (1983) from the University of South Florida in Tampa. For most of my career, I taught art at Middle and High School level. I have skills in drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, calligraphy and photography. I served as the District Art Specialist for Volusia County Schools (Daytona Beach Area).  This involved working with 100 art teachers on art curriculum development, equipment needs, art events and working with principals.

After moving to Lenoir, I taught Art classes at South Caldwell High School as well as Studio Art and Art Appreciation classes at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute.

I have won numerous awards for my art (primarily photography), both in Florida and North Carolina. I have produced several YouTube tutorials, one of which has over 300,000 views. Currently, I am the moderator/administrator of a group site on Facebook, called “Old Photography Friends.”

My photographic goal is to produce extraordinary imagery from ordinary subject matter.

Typically my subjects are varied, including landscapes, macro images and composites.  For the purposes this exhibit, my focus will be on old eclectic subjects, as buildings, machinery and vehicles. I have a nostalgic connection to aged artifacts.  They remind me of pleasant memories from my childhood.  I am drawn to the interesting textures of aging wood or the rust pattern on an old vehicle.  I love the challenge of photographing an antique and then turning it into a work of art. I believe in using the photo editing tools at my disposal, including: Photoshop, Light Room, Topaz Studio, etc. to enhance my photos.   

See more of Steve's work at his website: https://1231948.wixsite.com/swest



Over the last 50 years or so I’ve been an active artist exploring one area of creativity after another which includes sculpture, ceramics, print making, drawing and design as well as my forte’, painting. I’ve also explored the areas of jewelry/precious metal work along with landscape art.

Currently I’m working on three themes; Barns and Outbuildings in our area of western North Carolina, Trees and Fields, and Abstracts featuring line, shape, color and form. These endeavors are executed in Acrylic on canvas in various sizes. I do not work from photos exclusively but with onsite sketches for the Barn and Outbuilding series. I do work from sketches and imagination for the other two themes.

I earned my BFA degree with honors in painting from EKU, ’81, and my MFA in drawing and painting from WCU, ’88. Since then I’ve worked out of my home/studio in the Granite Falls area.

My work has earned many awards over the years in all categories and is continually collected/bought by many patrons. My work can be seen at the following galleries/shops; HMA in Hickory, Craftsman’s Market, Hudson, and in Boone, NC My work can be seen in my online Face Book gallery as well.