Z-Sculpture Collection-Passages - Marvin Tadlock

Marvin Tadlock
Height: 90"   Width: 20"   Depth: 16"
Wilson Creek Visitors Center
7805 Brown Mountain Beach Road
Collettsville, NC
Purchase Date: 1992

Inspiration for this piece came to sculptor Marvin Tadlock from a recurring theme in his work, fish. He said that this was for a few reasons. First of all because of where he lives in Wilmington and along Wrightsville Beach on the coast of North Carolina, he spent the majority of his life on the water. Secondly, the shapes and forms of the fish are in his words, "...second to none in beauty and interest."  And thirdly, he is an environmentalist. He looks at fish as an indicator for the state of our environment.

Artist Website:  http://marvintadlock.com/