Z-Sculpture Collection-The Second Passage - Bill Brown

The Second Passage
Bill Brown
Height: 102"   Width: 97"   Depth: 40"
Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute - Dudley Training Center
Highway 321
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 1992

This piece was purchased by the arts council in 1992 and in an email interview in 2009 Bill Brown, the sculptor, said this about the sculpture, "Second Passage is a metaphor for the students of Caldwell Community College. It represents a new beginning. As you can see the torso within the piece is being blocked by the heavy metal screening. It is viewable from both sides yet the torso is unable to pass through. Yet, after a closer look, you can see there is another path through the steel plate. By following a different direction than seemingly planned, the curvature is able to pass through another avenue. The sphere represents the alternate passage."

Artist Website: http://www.studiosculpture.com/