Z-Sculpture Collection-Amaryllis Architecturalis - Vega Metals

Amaryllis Architecturalis
Vega Metals
Height: 106"   Width: 41"   Depth: 67"
Old Lenoir High School Auditorium
1144 College Ave SW
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 1990

The creators of this piece, Francis Vega, Neal Carlton, and Dave Rusinyak, said this about creating the piece: "This piece challenged our creative abilities, to take a man-made item such as an I-beam and give it life. The I-beam is a very strict, constrained form that most people can identify with as a construction item, a form to build with. Our challenge was to create art that bridges man with nature. In doing so we created a new species, Amaryllis Architecturalis."

Artist Website: http://www.vegametals.com/