Z-Sculpture Collection-The Three Graces - James Barnhill

The Three Graces
James Barnhill
Height: 30"   Width: 19.5"   Depth: 1.25"
Bronze Relief
(Currently at the Caldwell Arts Council
pending relocation to another site)
601 College Ave SW
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 1989

Sculptor James Barnhill created this piece which was purchased by the arts council in 1989, based off of Botticelli's "La Primavera."  Barnhill said, "The figures in my piece are nude as compared to Botticelli's diaphanously clothed figures. This piece is based in classical figurative realism." Recently Barnhill has been a finalist for a sculpture contest that would give him the opportunity to display his sculpture of Rosa Parks in the United States Capitol Rotunda, and is teaching at NC A&T State University.

Artist Website: http://www.jamesbarnhill.com/