Z-Sculpture Collection-Girl in Green - Rodney Shaw


Girl in Green
Rodney Shaw
Height: 8.5"   Width: 11"   Depth: 7"
Davenport School - Library - Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 1987

"Girl in Green" is a ceramic figure of a woman seated with bare feet sculpted by Rodney Shaw. The arts council purchased this sculpture in 1987. According to Shaw's page in the city art gallery for the city of Greenville, South Carolina, "Rodney Shaw's extensive background and training combine to create a fine sculpture. His subject matter is predominately female and figurative. He works in the pale beautifully colored terracotta. He uses the colors manganese, ochre, iron oxide, and a small touch of blue and green." Shaw adds a green tint to his terracotta and changes the natural pink color to have sort of a flesh-like glow.

Artist Website: http://www.cityartgreenville.com/rodneyshaw.htm