Z-Sculpture Collection-Untitled - Kathleen King

Kathleen King
Height: 12"   Width: 11"   Depth: 8"
Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce
Purchase Date: 1987

This work, acquired by the arts council in 1987, was created by sculptor Kathleen King. King's art often tries to translate her feelings about being a contemporary woman, sexual orientation, reproduction and issues of the body and gender. According to her artist's website, "Her work has been featured in Controversial Ceramics by Judith Schwartz, Sex Pots by Paul Mathieu, The Art of Contemporary American Pottery by Kevin A. Hulch, Teapots Transformed by Leslie Ferrin, and Handbuilt Tableware by Kathy Triplett. Her work can also be found in numerous periodicals including Ceramics: Art and Perception, Studio Potter, Clay Times, Art Papers, and Ceramics Monthly."

Artist Website: http://www.kathykingart.com/