A public reception will be held at Caldwell Arts Council on Friday, January 11 from 5:00pm until 7:00pm. Everyone is invited to attend and bring friends. Awards will be announced around 6:00pm. The exhibit will run through Saturday, January 26, 2019.


A Photography Competition and Exhibition

January 2019


Honorable Mentions:


·         “Change-Up” by Lisa Martinat – Great decisive moment with stop action


·         “Pinola” by John Rabb – Good use of color and time of day


·         “Flowing Cascades” by Tonya Wright – Good sense of motion with use of long shutter speed


·         “Red Maple Scanography” by Robert Phipps – Nice minimalist design and use of color


·         “Balance” by David DeBaeremaeker – Comical and fun


·         “Sally Lacy” by Cindy Kilgore – Beautiful capture of moment


·         “Boone Fork Creek” by Ron Schwartz – Very relaxing flow of motion


·         “Edenton Fog” by Denise Lindsay – Nice presentation that fits mood of atmosphere of landscape


·         “Autumn’s Bridge to Heaven” by Mike Koenig – Beautiful path of lighting and composition that lets viewer into photograph


·         “Shadow and Guitar” by Debbie DeBaeremaeker – Nice point of view into the eyes of the canine while listening to guitarist


·         “Lost Pier” by Douglas Terry – Nice use of lines, creating a pleasing composition


·         “Cypress and Cattails” by Robert Phipps – Beautiful landscape and time of day


Best Of Show


“Magnolia” by Jack Daulton – Elegant, soft lighting with strong figure-ground relationship that emphasizes the fragility and beauty of nature


First Place Straight Photography


“Dahlia Dance” by Ron Schwartz – Beautiful soft lighting, good use of depth of field with graceful curves of flower which makes the title very fitting


First Place Enhanced Photography


“I’m Going Out of My Head” by Steve West – Very comical and witty. Good use of color and enhancements


People's Choice Award

"Red Barn Snow Storm" by Mike Koenig