yART Sale date and location for 2018 to be announced soon ... stay tuned


Click below for a printable Inventory List



DELIVERY: (DATES TBD) - we'll set up tables, you put items out and/or hang anywhere on the downstairs walls.

SALE DATES: (DATES TBD) - we'll need some volunteers to help check out customers

PICK UP UNSOLD ART/CRAFT WORK (DATES TBD) - We've got another exhibit coming in the next day, so you need to send someone to get your remaining stuff.


If you already have an assigned Artist Code with the Caldwell Arts Council, use that. If you don't, just use your three initials & start numbering items with 1, 2, 3, etc. Label each item and provide a matching inventory sheet for us to use for sales. i.e., for Cathy R McCoy, I'd number my items CRM-1, CRM-2, etc. - price your items knowing the CAC receives 50% of the selling price.


You bring the goods & we'll do all we can to promote the sale - it's a 50/50 split with the Caldwell Arts Council. You'll receive a check for 50%.  By participating in this sale, you agree you understand the information above.