Z-Sculpture Celebration 2015-photos of the park

Click here for a video of the 2015
Sculpture Celebration, made by Genaro Rodriguez 


Below are more photos from the September 12, 2015 Sculpture Celebration:

Check in at the registration trailer & get your packet of information and signage

drive in to the park to pick the perfect spot to highlight your work

Bring large and small sculptures - all types of media

Stefan Bonitz brings his crane truck to help off-load and place your big artwork

Level everything up so it shows well

Come down to the "Sculptors Welcome Dinner" where we and the townsfolk welcome all the sculptors and the judge to the annual Sculpture Celebration

Check in at the dinner registration and put a pin in the map showing where you're from

Evening dinner includes live music, lots of food (vegetarian and meat options, salad, dessert, beer, wine, water & lemonade)

Saturday morning, your adoring public arrives ... about 3,000 of them!

We provide children's art activities so you can look at the sculptural artwork

Sculptors talk to the public about their work, and make sales and receive commissions throughout the day

Two different bands play live music throughout the day Saturday - we really like the jazz music

Awards are announced on the deck at 3:30pm

The judge's walking tour of winners where the judge explains why he picked these winners


We'll see you next year - always the weekend After Labor Day!