Sculpture Collection-Patience


Steve Zawistowski
Painted Aluminum
T.H. Broyhill Walking Park
945 Lakewood Street
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 2014


From the artist's website: "I still remember the first time I saw an ironworker forge two pieces of steel into one.

The sparks, the noise, and the heat all became a symphony of creation.

Somewhere in the midst of all the heat, dust, and noise, I found an outlet for my craftsmanship and imagination. 

Using both traditional and modern techniques, I create handmade objects which appeal to those with a discerning eye, those looking for something truly unique.

As an artist I take pride in making pieces that do not replicate nature but reflect its essence. I use those fluid forms of nature as inspiration. They are reflected in functional items such as a piece of furniture or a garden gate.

Knowing I am creating a one of a kind piece, which blends beauty and function, is what makes the work worthwhile.

I hope you share in that feeling when you see my work."

Artist Website: