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Across the Grain
Thomas Sayre
Concrete, earth formed
Blackwelder Park, corner of Harper & Church St.
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 2012

From the ground up, Sayre and several local contractors used a technique called earthcasting. This style of casting creates a mold in the earth in which concrete is poured and then pulled from  the ground, creating an inspiring 26-foot diameter, 40,000-pound centerpiece for Caldwell County’s sculpture collection.

The final piece resembles a circular hole saw called Across the Grain, bordered by a grassy plaza on the former Blackwelder Hospital site in downtown Lenoir on the corner of Harper Avenue and Church Street.

The finished plaza features a sidewalk with green stepping stones that honor the financial donors for the project. There is seating created by local artists using historic timbers along with a grassy berm for viewing the sculpture in different perspectives. The entire process was complex, and involved considerable planning and engineering skills.

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