The Caldwell Arts Council was gifted a a series of prints by Thomas Pickarski of NY, NY.  Pickarski holds an MFA in Intermedia from Arizona State University (Tempe AZ) and a BFA in Painting (Arizona State University, Tempe AZ).

Pickarski has always enjoyed the oddity and lightheartedness of using colorful toys as subject matter in landscape paintings and installations. His emphasis has recently shifted toward narrative storytelling, so he now also creates photographic and narrative art books. In this body of work, he has created a photographic and narrative character study based on a toy dinosaur and his adventures through a series of exotic locations.  "I traveled for several months to find just the right settings for him to explore. And when I did, the settings inspired the story and photographs to be born spontaneously. The main character's name is Otto, a friendly, vintage-looking green and yellow T-Rex, portrayed as an ensouled entity. Throughout the series, Otto emanates an awakened sense of childlike wonder as he explores life as a little dinosaur in a big world."

More of Pickarski's art and photography may be viewed on his website:



DeBaeremaeker says his idea was "to display a series of works featuring Lego Minifigs. Each of the images place the miniaturized figures into the context of the wider world, in a variety of unexpected and thought-provoking situations that defy genre and, sometimes, loguc and reason. Some images are lighthearted, some more serious, but all encourage the viewer to consider the world through a unique perspective and to imagine the larger reality implied by the scene.  More of his photographic artwork may be viewed online at