Opportunities for 2019-20 GRASSROOTS GRANTS
will be announced in late August 2019



Caldwell Friends

Caldwell Mens Chorus

Foothills Performing Arts

Four Points Fellowship

Harper School

Lenoir Parks and Rec (MLK Center)

Patterson School

Town of Granite Falls

Town of Hudson

Western Piedmont Symphony



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Grassroots Arts Program Grant funds are awarded to local organizations for community art programs. These funds are allocated by the State of North Carolina through the North Carolina Arts Council to every county in the state. The Caldwell Arts Council serves as the Caldwell County partner for the allocation of these funds.



Final Paperwork for Grassroots Grant Recipients can be found at this link:





2017-2018 Grassroots Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce that nearly $12,000 in Grassroots Arts Program Grant Funds will be awarded to the following organizations:

Caldwell Friends to present "Hands On Clay" to mentored students

Caldwell Men's Chorus to present four community concerts

Foothills Performing Arts to present "The Diary of Anne Frank"

JC Harper School of Music for enrollment growth, especially summer music camps

Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Black History month art exhibits, education and music

The Community Music Club to present an organ recital for an "Afternoon of Music"

Town of Granite Falls for concerts, Art in the Park and Festival on the Square

Town of Hudson for the dinner theatre production "Annie"

Western Piedmont Symphony for Tesla Quartet to perform in select
Caldwell County elementary and K-8 schools



2016-2017 Grassroots Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce that the following organizations have received 2016 Grassroots Grant Funding totaling over $12,500 through the Caldwell Arts Council for 2016:


Caldwell County Library

Caldwell Friends

Caldwell Men's Chorus

Caldwell Senior Center

Community Music Club

Harper School

Martin Luther King Jr. Center

Patterson School Foundation

Town of Hudson

Town of Granite Falls

Western Piedmont Symphony



2015-2016 Grassroots Grant Recipients

 The Caldwell Arts Council is pleased to announce that almost $9,800 in Grassroots Arts Program Grant Funds was awarded to the following organizations in 2015:


Martin Luther King Center, Black History Month art exhibits & music

Western Piedmont Symphony, Performances by Tesla for Caldwell County School students

Town of Hudson, Production of "Guys and Dolls"

Harper School of Performing Arts, Program growth through music education and music-related activities

Town of Granite Falls, Concerts, tree lighting ceremony

Caldwell Men's Chorus, performances and concerts

Caldwell Friends, Hands-on Clay projects

Blue Ridge Saxophone Festival