Z-Sculpture Collection-Stella - Suzette Bradshaw

Suzette Bradshaw
Height: 67"   Width: 32"   Depth: 37"
Painted Steel
Dudley Shoals Elementary School
1500 Dudley Shoals Road
Granite Falls, NC
Purchase Date: 2004

Suzette Bradshaw is a favorite Caldwell County sculptor. Her work ranges from whimsical to political. Suzette works in metal and incorporates the found object into her pieces. Her work is creative, thoughtful, and delightful. Suzette says sculpture is her personal way of exploring, interpreting, and expressing the thoughts and experiences she encounters in the tangible world and within the deep niches of her soul.

“The primary media I use is steel and I enjoy the irony of being able to portray a wide range of emotions and feelings through a hard, heavy, typically rigid material. Curiously I find that most of the ideas for my sculptures are inspired by fragments of dreams, snippets of overheard conversations, remembered lines of forgotten poems. For the most part, there is a title in my head for each sculpture before work ever begins. As I go along, I keep thinking about the title, saying it over and over and over in my mind. Before long the steel magically seems to absorb this. Once this happens, my energies and the energies of the steel meld together to collaboratively create an end result that is pleasing to us both.”

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