Z-Sculpture Collection-Morning Call - Gary Gresko

Morning Call
Gary Gresko
Height: 31"   Width: 15"   Depth: 30"
Copper & Brass
County Extension Office - Caldwell County Public Library
120 Hospital Avenue
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 2002

From the artist's website:  Art is an exploration. For me it is a constant journey through a forest of new ideas. And, each new idea requires a unique approach, diverse materials, and creative methods.

My goal has been to present these concepts in both public and private venues. I pursue this through shows, exhibitions, installations, and commission work.

If you question why we need art, just imagine a world without creativity. Envision a dull, drab existence void of excitement and passion. I certainly hope that my contributions have inspired, questioned, and evoked feelings that are within all of us.

Artist Website:  www.garygresko.com