Z-Sculpture Collection-Whisper Bench - Jim Gallucci


Whisper Bench
Jim Gallucci
Height: 69"   Width: 116"   Depth: 47"
Painted Steel
West Lenoir Elementary School
125 Maple Drive NW
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 2001

From the artist's website: "These gates often involve interaction. In Raleigh, NC, Jim designed a 62’ long gate for Exploris (a children's interactive global awareness museum) called the “Whisper Gates.” This functional gate uses the theme of communicating with the world. Sound tubes wind throughout the structure creating a lyrical interpretation of the world while children of all ages can whisper messages through the gate. This interaction of discovery and communication brings the global experience to everyone. These whisper gates have given way to whisper benches also.

“My benches are publicly placed objects that invite interaction with the passers-by. The benches are playful objects that invite the public to sit and talk with a friend or acquaintance. Though each can function as a “seat,” there is an impracticality of form lures viewers to explore each bench and try to discover what they are about.”

Artist Website: http://www.jimgalluccisculptor.com/