Z-Sculpture Collection-While I Close My Eyes - Kevin Eichner


While I Close My Eyes
Kevin Eichner
Height: 78.5"   Width: 20"   Depth: 20"
Steel & Brass
City of Lenoir
819 West Avenue
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 2001

From the artist's website: "My work evolves from the stiff, rigid, industrial I-beam, an icon of the 20th century, typically used in the construction of vast bridges and towering skyscrapers. As a sculptor I search to understand the truth to the materials and strive to discover ways to stretch and manipulate that truth bringing forth its potential in new ways. I have discovered the breath within the beams, and how the toughness and rigidity of the beams gives way to the gesturing, blossoming, and intertwining celebration of both human nature and Mother Nature within the industrial beams. I present to you work that celebrates an individual’s spirit and human relationships… the union of lovers, the bonds of family and the gathering of the community."

Artist Website: http://eichneratelier.com/home.html