Z-Sculpture Collection-Finish Line - Jim Weitzel

Finish Line
Jim Weitzel
Height: 62"   Width: 19"   Depth: 16"
Caldwell Arts Council
601 College Avenue
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 1999

Sculptor Jim Weitzel said this about his work as an artist, "I create art because I must. I tend to move from one media to another as my life shifts and changes. For the last few years I've been creating pieces of furniture out of wood used in a natural organic way, building things such as benches and tables.  My working method is to locate wood that is unique and like a found object, wood that is often cast off from sawmills or recycled from old buildings. I've also produced work that is made from wood and other materials such as fiberglass, paint, and found objects. These are very contemporary in nature.  Things like lamps and CD towers that are painted and have a modern design."

Artist Website: http://www.weitzelart.net/