Z-Sculpture Collection-Dervish - Gretchen Lothrop

Gretchen Lothrop
Height: 60"   Width: 24"   Depth: 17"
Currently at the Caldwell Arts Council
601 College Ave SW (pending relocation to another site)
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 1998

When asked about the story of the piece, Lothrop said, "Dervish is a word that refers to a person of the mythical branch of Islam, known as Sufism. People of this ideology think that if they dance they can find personal unity with a deity or an overall desirable level of purity or holiness. As an artist I was trying to communicate directly with a creative force through the creation of this piece. In other words, this was my effort to access the essence of creativity. The water present in the sculpture only helps to bring the ideas of movement, creativity, and spirituality to life."

Artist Website: not available