Z-Sculpture Collection-In Other Words, Fly - Gretchen Lothrop

In Other Words, Fly
Gretchen Lothrop
Height: 47"   Width: 40"   Depth: 22"
Stainless Steel
Anderson Medical Park
Cedar Valley Road
Hudson NC
Purchase Date: 1997

According to Lothrop, "Fly used to mean 'cool' and was a buzzword in the late 80s. I like to listen to loud music in my studio and there was a song lyric, "In other words fly," that kept coming back to me. At the same time I was working on a piece that looked like it was flying or jumping, or doing something almost physically impossible. In the end I was trying to make a piece that was 'cool enough to fly.'  I heard they put this piece in front of a physical therapy section of the hospital and I think the meaning really comes through in that the sculpture embraces the idea of mental and spiritual liberation."

Artist Website:  http://studioatelfway.com/