Z-Sculpture Collection-Water, Wind & Fire - William Stronach

Water, Wind & Fire
William Stronach
Height: 63"   Width: 46"   Depth: 22"
Steel & Wood
J. E. Broyhill Civic Center
Highway 321
Lenoir, NC
Purchase Date: 1997

According to Stronach, "This piece is an assemblage of materials that are individually related to one of the elements mentioned in the title. The wood in this piece is from a tree that was blown down in Hurricane Hugo and is the wind part of the piece. There was a fire around that time at a chemical plant so I used some scrap materials from the aftermath of that event. These pieces make up the fire element involved in the piece. For the water element, I used some pieces of material I fished out of Wilson's Creek while I was kayaking. It all came together nicely and the name just fell into place."

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