Sculpture Celebration 2010 Winners

 With many, MANY thanks to an
army of volunteers, headed up by our
chairpersons, Jane & Chuck Cummings,
we are pleased with the success of the
25th Annual Sculpture Celebration!

Below are photos of the winning pieces,
selected by this year's judge, Dr. Larry Wheeler,
Director of the NC Museum of Art:


Caldwell Public Art Award
"Tear of Illian"
Scott Strader
(stainless steel)



First Place and NC Museum of Art Installation Award:
Whitney Brown


Second Place
"Take Out Box #5"
Peter Oakley


Third Place:
"Finding Happiness"
Mary-Ann Prack


Michaux-Sturgis Award:
"Untitled B"
Daniel Cater


Norma Suddreth Award:
"Chasing the Wind"
Jeff Hackney


Liza Plaster Award:
"Gates of Grace"
Grace Cathey
(steel, powder coat, paint)


Judge's Merit Award:
"The Realization"
Wesley Wofford
(bonded bronze)


Judge's Merit Award:
Nathan Blank
(steel, wood)



Judge's Merit Award:
"Who am I to you?"
Dave Wertz
(carbon steel)