Young At Art – Middle & High student art exhibit







It was truly an honor to judge this year’s Middle/High School Art Exhibit.  I would like to congratulate both the students and their art teachers for such an outstanding display.


My criteria for judging the artworks included the following:

·         Good technique

·         Originality

·         Elaboration

·         Correct use of materials

·         Good design and composition


Considering the large number of outstanding artworks, it was a very challenging task to make award selections.  Even if many students did not receive an award, just being in this show is itself an award.


It is my hope that participation in this show will spark continued interest in producing art, viewing art exhibits and promoting the arts in our community.


Brief background of Steve West:

30 years teaching art (elementary through high school) – in Florida and North Carolina

2 years as District Art Specialist – Volusia County Schools, Florida (Daytona Beach area)

3 semesters as Adjunct Art Instructor – Caldwell Community College & Tech. Institute

Award winning Artist – mainly in drawing and photography

Master of Arts degree, in Art Education, from the University of South Florida, Tampa



Steve West



6th Grade

1st – Laci McPeak, Kings Creek K-8

2nd – Michelle Colvard, Kings Creek K-8

3rd – Evan Johnson – Kings Creek K-8


Honorable Mention Awards

Abigail Robinson, Granite Falls Middle

Alexa Ortis-Coronel, Collettsville School

Allyson Rawls, Hudson Middle

Hannah Smith, William Lenoir Middle

Lukas Lowrance, Gamewell Middle

Owen Miller, Frye Art Studio

Rylee Carter, Collettsville School

Shyann Thomas, Gamewell Middle

Taylor Garnes, Happy Valley K-8



7th Grade

1st – Mia Patterson, Happy Valley School

2nd – Dianaliz Ortiz, Granite Falls Middle

3rd – Harley Lugo, Happy Valley School


Honorable Mention Awards

Anna Leigh, Granite Falls Middle

Ashlynn Harris, Granite Falls Middle

Brianna Warlick, Kings Creek School

Chloe Greene, Hudson Middle

Kiera Andrews, William Lenoir Middle

Nolan Wallace, Frye Art Studio


8th Grade

1st – 7th/8th Grade Collaboration (designed by Angel Steele), Happy Valley School

2nd – Eleazar Zamora, Gamewell Middle

3rd – Caitlyn Mudd, Hudson Middle


Honorable Mention Awards

Adryana Beavis, Hudson Middle

Amy Gonzalez Cadena, Hudson Middle

Chris Herald, Gamewell Middle

Gage Starnes, Hudson Middle

Laney Singleton, Gamewell Middle

Makenzie Coeburn, Collettsville School



HIGH SCHOOLS – all art levels


BEST IN SHOW & $50 – Mikayla Watson, Hibriten High School


1st – Savanna Her, West Caldwell

2nd – Katie Scott, Hibriten

3rd – Fisher Livingston, Hibriten


Honorable Mention Awards

Alex Fulton, Hibriten

Alyson Pritchard, South Caldwell

Amy Avila, Hibriten

Ariel Hamm, Hibriten

Brittany Frady, South Caldwell

Dylan Coffey, Hibriten

Heydi Dominguez, Hibriten

Justin Sparks, Hibriten

Katelyn Estes, Hibriten

Liria Lopez, Hibriten

Makayla Roberts, South Caldwell

Nadia Hollar, Caldwell Middle College

Phoebe Stanislaw, Hibriten

Ryleigh Johnson, South Caldwell


Victoria Kirby, South Caldwell