Being a non-profit organization, our funding is a combination of private donations, corporate donations, grant funding, foundation support, fundraising events and program income.  Our fiscal year runs July 1-June 30.


September/October is our 'fund drive' time when we mail requests for donations to previous and potential donors.  These donations typically get us through the first part of our fiscal year.  


April is our 'fund raising' month which provides funds that get us through ‘til we send out fund drive mailings again.  We promote our Spring pARTy series of fundraiser events at this time - most of these are hosted by private individuals who leverage their regular donation by hosting a party in order to gain more funds for us.


We also host the Satie’s Holiday Sale each December with a 70% / 30% consignment between the artist & us, and every-other-year we host a ‘yART Sale” of original art with a 50% / 50% split for the artist & us.


Almost everything we do is free or super cheap.  Gallery exhibits are free, the Sculpture Celebration which is one of the most respected sculpture events in the southeast is free, our concerts are free, our gallery talks are free.  


Our largest program is our artist-in-schools program that reaches every child in grades K-8 and many high school students as well.  This program offers free and reduced ticket programs.  The most we ever charge for one of these shows is $3.25; the same show in Charlotte charges $12/student.  


Our afterschool music program for children is on a sliding fee scale with students paying $3, $5, or $10 a week based on their ability to pay - if a parent can't pay we give the child a scholarship.  In addition they are loaned an instrument that they take home.  They keep this instrument for the entire year.  


We also have several grant programs where we give money to non-profits, schools, and artists for arts programs.  


The money from our fund drive and fund raiser events helps make all the programs we offer free or inexpensive.  


One of the most important parts of our mission is to make high quality arts available to all the people of Caldwell County.  The only way to do that is to make the programs free or cheap.  We do that by asking those who can to step up and help make that possible.