Davenport A+ School currently features photography by Lenoir artist Dave DeBaeremaeker.

Dave is an unconventionally trained photographer whose artistic journey started on Google Plus, where he studied the art of photography with an informal group known as Photography Scavengers. He went on to train under the mentorship of Canadian master photographer Ron Clifford in The Arcanum Academy of Artistic Mastery, a digital art school created by Trey Ratcliff. 

DeBaeremaeker says his idea was "to display a series of works featuring Lego Minifigs. Each of the images place the miniaturized figures into the context of the wider world, in a variety of unexpected and thought-provoking situations that defy genre and, sometimes, loguc and reason. Some images are lighthearted, some more serious, but all encourage the viewer to consider the world through a unique perspective and to imagine the larger reality implied by the scene.  More of his photographic artwork may be viewed online at


The Caldwell Arts Council receives a number of great exhibit ideas from artists annually, and some are just perfect to be included in schools.  The Arts Council will begin 'traveling' this new type of artwork through Caldwell County's elementary schools with hopes of encouraging young students to try photography as an art form, using their own toys in action/adventure settings.

DeBaeremaeker's photography will 'travel' to Valmead Elementary School next, and Davenport A+ will host an exhibit of Thomas Pickarsky's photography starting in January.