The Caldwell Arts Council is known for its signature permanent sculpture collection of 83 pieces of original sculpture that are on display throughout the county. People travel to our community to see this unique offering. We also offer sculptural artwork for sale in Tucker's Gallery.*

Tucker’s Gallery was started by two Caldwell County sculptors, Keith Willis and Suzette Bradshaw, with a Grassroots Arts Grant from the State of North Carolina.  The City of Lenoir installed planters in downtown Lenoir and designed twelve of those planters to include steel bases to mount sculptural artwork. Pieces in this gallery remain on display for one year or until sold.  There is no deadline for submitting works for consideration - so email your application & images to info@caldwellarts.com any time.

*Tucker's Gallery gets its name from Lenoir's history books. The Tucker family settled in the area around 1797 and their barn was likely located on what is now Norwood Street, not far from the Caldwell Arts Council. Tucker's Barn was a voting precinct, a muster ground, a store and a place for "frolics" and celebrations. At least one large Fourth of July celebration included a drum corps, a march of Revolutionary veterans and speeches by General William Lenoir. Tucker's Barn became a large meeting place for many gatherings and was so popular a fiddle tune was composed and written titled "Tucker's Barn."  Doc Watson eventually recorded this tune in 1964 on an album titled, "The Watson Family Tradition."

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OBVIOUSLY by Tom Risser, Waxhaw NC - $2,850
(This piece is in front of the 
Caldwell Arts Council at 601 College Ave SW, Lenoir)




INNER VOICE by Jim Weitzel, Forest City NC - $3,000


CAGE SPINNER by Raymond Giddens, Simpsonville SC - $1,350


MEDUSA by Raymond Giddens, Simpsonville SC - $2,000



KING OF STEAMPUNK by Raymond Giddens, Simpsonville, SC - $995


BLUE TREE OF HEAVEN by Raymond Giddens, Simpsonville, SC - $700


INTERCONNECTED by Desmond Lewis, Memphis TN - $1200


A NEW ARISE by Desmond Lewis, Memphis TN - $2600







 BUTTERFLY SPINNER by Raymond Giddens, Simpsonville SC - $1,195 - SOLD April 2017

 UAUNDO by Jim Weitzel, Forest City NC - $2500 - SOLD August 2016


LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO 'ROUND - Ray Giddens, Simpsonville SC - $1,200 - SOLD summer 2016


REVOLUTION RISE - Desmond Lewis, Memphis TN - $1,800 - SOLD summer 2016